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Tarver’s Art Puts Philly on Display

Philadelphia Daily News

2002, AUG 5

If you’re leaving the area by way of Philadelphia International Airport, you might want to catch one last glimpse of the city before boarding the plane.
The work of Philadelphia-based photojournalist Ron Tarver will be featured at Terminal F, Concourse 2, of the airport.

Ron Tarver is well versed in photographing Philadelphia. Since 1983, he has worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Tarver’s own special assignments have predominantly chronicled African-Americans.
In addition to photojournalism, Tarver is a photo artist. His photographs reflect his interest in the landscape and architecture of Philadelphia. However, they are not pure documentation. Instead they are timeless, dreamy and mysteriously void of people.
Tarver’s photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in many corporate, private, and museum collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Smithsonian National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C., and the State Museum in Harrisburg.
The current display will give a different view of the city. His photographs promise a unique blend of clarity and confusion, which remains captivating for the viewer.

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