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New Leash on Life (2013) is a six-part series about a training program that matched incarcerated men with behaviorally challenged dogs. These images were part of a team coverage that were were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Mr. Hackney's School (2011) forms part of the series on South Philadelphia High's new principal Otis Hackney, who was tasked with providing healing solutions to the racial violence. These images were part of a team coverage that won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

We Were There (2004) comprises of intimate portraits and short stories (written by Yvonne Latty) of 28 Black veterans of wars ranging from World War II to Operation Iraqi Freedom. The book was published by Amistad/HarperCollins.

The Long Ride Home: the Black Cowboy Experience in America (1993-Present) is a series on Black cowboys across the country, intentionally forgotten in the whitewashed American myth of the West. These are multifaceted narratives of men, women, children for whom Black identity and cowboy culture are intrinsically intertwined.

In Memory Of ... (1993) depicts murals in North Philadelphia and Camden that memorialized mostly young Black and Puerto Rican men who were victims of drug and gang violence in the 90's. 

Million Hoodie March (2012) are portraits taken of people who participated in the “Million Hoodie March” in Philadelphia, protesting the senseless murder of Black teenager Trayvon Martin. 

Drill Team (1996) is a series on the Black drill teams woven into the fabric of Philadelphia. 

Big Brother (1991) follows Andre and Val, a pair in Philadelphia’s Big Brother program which partners boys with men willing to share their time and themselves.

Million Man March (1995) are images of the historical march held in Washington, D.C., organized by Louis Farrakhan. It promoted Black unity and family values.

Stella Street (1992), originally titled Badlands: In the Grip of Drugs, is a series that examines the heroin epidemic on Stella Street in Northeast Philadelphia. It won third prize in Daily Life in the 1993 World Press Photo Awards.

Double Dutch (1988) is a snapshot of the Diamonettes, a gravity-defying double-dutch team from North Philadelphia whose members range from grade-school girls to teenagers. The team carries forward this enduring legacy of Black girlhood.

Dearie (1987) presents the issue of teen pregnancies in Philadelphia through 16-year old Dearie Scott's journey.

Storefront Salvation (1986) examines the legacy of storefront churches, ubiquitous in the Black community in Philadelphia. The story focuses on the New Hope Church of God in Christ in West Philadelphia.

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